Planning of Construction Site Layout: A Review


  • Msc. Al Kulabi Ahmed Kamil
  • Msc. Al Zahid Ali Adnan


Construction site, Jobsite layout, Temporary facilities, Productivity, Safety


In the recent years, researchers have been interested in planning of layout of projects´ site since it is a basic factor for a successful project undertaking. Projects´ sites comprise temporary facilities and heavy construction equipment that share the same space or may require the same area of construction site, therefore, construction site should be organized well, so that construction activity will be in its full swing. The site layout planning process includes identifying the needed temporary facilities for supporting operations of construction, specifying their shapes and sizes, and optimizing their positions within the boundaries of sites. In this review, a number of methods and techniques used for construction site layout planning are reviewed and discussed, the frequent problems at construction sites are included, the ways of improving the efficiency of planning of sites layout are listed and discussed. The advantages of good planning of sites layout and the effects of neglecting sites layout planning are reviewed.